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A Classic Bay Window

June 09, 2017

A Classic Bay Window

A bay window is an excellent way to create additional space in a room. A bay window juts out from the wall of your home in either a square or polygon shape. The “bay” formed by a bay window creates additional space as well as provides exceptional amounts of light in to brighten any room. It comes as no surprise that homeowners have been including a bay window in the architecture of their homes for years.

There are a large number of design considerations to take into account when installing a bay window. A bay window consists of several windows, used together to create its unique shape. Therefore the angles at which these windows meet to form your bay window will vastly affect the shape and style of your bay window. Additionally, you must consider the overall size of a bay window and how it relates to the rest of your home’s architecture.

VR Windows offers a wide variety of customizable bay windows. The professionals at VR Windows will work with you to determine the bay window that perfectly suits your home, taste and budget. Call VR Windows today to discuss including a Bay Window in your home’s architecture.

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