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Windows and Doors Replacement in Mississauga

August 14, 2017

Windows and Doors Replacement in Mississauga

We would like our windows and doors to last a lifetime, but there are times when we must make window and door updates because they are an essential part of our investment. At VR Windows and Doors in Mississauga and Ontario, our customers are equipped with a one-stop customized solution to fit their home or business. Our professionals are ready to help replace your windows and doors no matter what size your home or business is. Let us show you how our windows and doors replacement in Mississauga can make your replacements the perfect fit.


VR Windows and Doors carries specific window products that are designed for replacements, like our casement, awning, fixed, picture, single/double slider, hung, shaped, and Bay/Bow windows. Windows and doors replacement in Mississauga options gives your home or business a unique style and comfort, as well as an Energy Star guarantee.

When choosing a window type, it is important to consider the architectural style of your home as well as performance features and proper ventilation. As an example, using a ‘fixed’ window means that you don’t want your Toronto windows to open, but their style can be enhanced with geometric and radius shapes. A casement window gives lots of airflow, a sliding window decreases airflow to one half of the window, and a double-hung or single-hung window features the tilt-in feature.

VR Windows and Doors has 16 years of experience serving our customers. We ensure that our customers receive the highest quality replacement products for your windows and doors replacement in Mississauga. Our replacement windows provide your home or business beneficial aesthetics, such as great curb appeal, increased resale value, reduces heating and/or cooling costs, and increases the comfort of your home. Whether your windows and doors replacement in Mississauga are intended for a homeowner, an architect, or a builder, our custom detailed windows and doors is your perfect solution.


Our door collection provides all-weather protection and they are comfortable, stylish, and of the highest quality for your home or business. Our windows and doors replacement in Mississauga represents the best in strength and provides a lasting impression. VR windows and doors replacements are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your design. You can choose from entry, storm, sliding patio, French patio, and garage doors. VR Windows and Doors are custom-made to the exact measurement of your door’s design.

When you choose windows and doors replacement in Mississauga products, you’re not just investing in a style, you’re getting the total secure and energy efficient solution. Our customized doors are easy to install and are designed to last through the harshest seasons. Our aesthetically designed doors are customized with many attractive features.

For example, like our ‘storm’ door styles, we have a wide selection of styles that bring together glass and mesh in a wide array of combinations. Our storm doors are composed of heavy duty aluminum, a lasting baked enamel finish reinforced corners and more to keep out the elements and provide a great view. Why not add a little flair with decorative glass panelling. Remember, VR Windows and Doors specializes in all types of windows and doors that are guaranteed to fit your budget and style. Call us today or submit your free estimate to understand why VR Windows is the ultimate choice for your window and door needs.

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