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What To Look For In Entrance Doors
  May 24, 2017

Having a high quality, custom entrance door can greatly alter the exterior appearance of a home. An entrance door is the gateway to the home, and creates a first impression for a home overall. VR Windows provides custom entrance doors in an endless variety of colours and styles. There are a large number of design considerations when purchasing an entrance door. Entrance doors can......

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The Importance of Custom Windows
  May 17, 2017

Purchasing custom windows improves the physical appearance of your home as well as the interior comfort. With custom windows, you know you are getting the window made especially to suit your home. There is simply no substitute for custom windows. Custom windows improve the physical appearance of your home. Purchasing custom windows allows you to modify the colour and overall......

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  May 15, 2017

Home renovations can be a stressful undertaking and replacing windows and doors is no exception. Not only can replacing windows and doors be a large financial commitment, it can be a disruptive renovation that impacts the comfort of your home. VR Windows and Doors make replacing windows and doors an easy, enjoyable experience. Our high quality, customizable windows and doors are......

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  May 12, 2017

An entrance door is the first architectural design component experienced when you enter a house. A beautiful entrance door can be that extra touch that brings together the entire look and feel of a home. VR Windows and Doors offers an incredible selection of high quality, customizable entrance doors at affordable prices. Our entrance doors are energy efficient and manufactured from......

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  May 11, 2017

High quality custom windows can add that finishing touch to the exterior architecture and interior design of your home. VR Windows and Doors offers fully customizable, high quality windows in a breadth of styles at incredibly affordable prices. For years, VR Windows and Doors has served as the ultimate resource for high quality windows in the Greater Toronto Area. We are confident......

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Laminated Glass
  May 10, 2017

Laminated glass increases the STC rating of a window, diminishing unwanted outside noises. When combined with an IG unit, the acoustical benefits to your windows increase – and a double-laminated IG unit provides maximum sound protection.Peace of Mind for Security, SafetyOrdinary annealed glass breaks easily. Tempered glass is the stronger, shatters under impact. But......

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