VR windows and doors
  March 28, 2017

Home renovations can be costly, stressful and incredibly time consuming. A simple and amazingly affordable way to wildly improve the overall look of your home is with windows and doors replacement. VR is the best choice for windows and doors replacement in the Greater Toronto Area. Not only do we offer an exceptional selection of stunning, high quality and locally sourced products,......

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  March 27, 2017

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to instantly improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your Mississauga home is by purchasing new, high quality windows and doors. Not only does VR have the greatest selection of locally sourced products manufactured from the highest quality materials, we also offer expert, reliable windows and doors installation in Mississauga. Few......

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Bow and Bay Windows Installations
  March 23, 2017

VR Windows and Doors offers professional bow and bay window installation. Adding a bow or bay window to your home adds a dramatic view, as well as beautiful architectural detail. VR Windows and Doors offers excellent quality bow and bay windows, with professional installation at extremely affordable prices. If you're looking to update you living or dining room, or to add some curb......

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Energy Efficient Windows
  March 22, 2017

When you live in a city like Toronto with extremely hot summers and bitterly cold winters, you can spend a small fortune on heating and cooling your home annually. The simplest way to counteract this is by installing energy efficient windows and doors. Although replacing your current windows and doors may seem like a huge undertaking, both financially and logistically, however the......

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